Hello you!
As you might know I have been living in Madrid (Spain) for the past 2 months and will live here for another 2 months. Madrid is a great city and I have fallen in love with it. The city has so much to offer and there are a lot of nice things to do here.

After these months I’m really starting to feel like a local, even if I don’t speak Spanish haha. I actually know quite a lot about the city and where to go to when you’re here and I’m definitely going to share that with you! In this post I will tell you everything about my favorite cafes here, and believe me there are quite a few! Madrid has a lot of awesome hipster cafes which are instagrammable at the same time, so perfect for me to write about.

1. HANSO Cafe

Hanso cafe is definitely my favorite cafe in Madrid. It is located in the neighborhood called Malasana, where I live and where you can find lots of nice little bars and restaurants. It al started when I ordered their avocado toast with sunny side egg up haha, it was soooo good! I literally go to Hanso every week because of their avocado toast. It is seriously the best I have ever tried (and I became addicted to it). Besides the avocado toast, they serve a lot of other great dishes as well such as bagels, salads & waffles. I’m also a really big fan of their Red velvet latte and iced chai tea.

Hanso is also a great place to study at. You can bring your laptop, order a nice cup of coffee and get some studying done. Be there on time though, because it is a really popular place and it gets crowded early in the mornings!

2. Le Pain Quotidien

Another favorite I have been to a couple of times is Le pain Quotidien. It is French inspired and they have the best croissants! I think some of you might have heard about it because it is a world wide concern I believe. What I really like about this cafe/restaurant is their big menu and tons of things to choose. They have so many delicious things on the menu that it is almost impossible to pick something! They serve pancakes, waffles, eggs benedict, avocado toast, croque monsieur, hummus with veggies and lots of other things. Oh and besides that, definitely try their green detox juice, it’s the best!

3. Pum Pum Cafe

I have just been to his cafe once but I really liked it and I will definitely come back! It is a perfect cafe to study at because it is not that busy and really a relaxed place. In Spain it is difficult to find good bread that I’m used to (yeah the Dutch eat a lot of bread), and this cafe actually serves the best! I ordered avocado toast and the bread was freshly made and still warm, so delicious!

4. Toma Cafe

This cafe is known for the best coffee in Madrid and I must say that I agree on that. I ordered a long black which was actually a bit too strong for my taste, but really good! I of course also HAD to try their avocado toast, and it was definitely good but not as good as the ones from Hanso cafe. Their choice of breakfast/lunch was in my opinion a bit limited, so I would recommend this cafe more as a place to drink coffee at or to grab a coffee on the go. Also go really early, because there are just a couple of seats inside and it is always full!

5. Federal

The last one but not the least one is Federal. They have a really good breakfast and lunch menu but a bit more pricier than the others in my opinion. I ordered eggs benedict with salmon, and it was absolutely delicioso! On weekdays you could also study there if you want and there is a lot of place inside which is a definite plus for me.

I hope you liked this post guys and I hope I gave you some inspiration on where to have breakfast or lunch when you’re in Madrid! You want to follow me on my journey here in Spain? Then definitely check out my youtube channel where I upload weekly vlogs about my life here in Madrid.

See you in next post!

Much love, R.