Hello you! Another Bali post, yess! It has been some time since I went to Bali but of course I still want to share all my tips on what to do in Bali.

We went to Bali for 3 weeks and in our second week we went to Ubud for a couple of days. Ubud is an area in the middle of the island and very different from the rest of Bali. The city centre of Ubud is really crowded and touristic, but a bit away from the centre it is really peaceful and quiet. We went to a resort called Pajar House and it was located right between the rice fields. It was really a place to unwind and relax at. Pajar house is a small resort with a couple of suits and villas. When we arrived we actually got a free upgrade to the most beautiful villa I have ever seen. I had never been to such an amazing an luxurious resort before, so for me it was really a pleasure staying there. We booked our stay with Booking.com and Pajar house is actually really affordable, in high season you pay around 50 euro for a night at a luxury suite. If you’re curious about the resort, then definitely check out my vlog posted below in which I give a villa tour and show you the resort.

Ubud is definitely an area in Bali you have to check out. Below I share a list of recommendations on what to see and do when you’re in Ubud.

1. The city centre of Ubud

The centre of Ubud is something you have to check out! It does not really differ much from the rest of the touristic city’s in Bali, but it offers a lot of nice restaurants. We wanted to go to a restaurant called Lotus Cafe, but unfortunately it was already fully booked. It’s a restaurant with an amazing view over a big Lotus pond, so definitely make a reservation for that restaurant when in Ubud. On another night we went to a restaurant called Bridges and I never had food before that was THAT good. It is super chic, so you definitely have to dress up! The restaurant is also quite expensive if you compare it to the standard Balinese prices, but like I said, the quality of the food and the atmosphere at the restaurant are definitely worth it!!

When you’re in Bali you also of course have to check out the traditional Balinese dances, and there is actually one right in the city centre of Ubud. Even an hour before the show starts, you can still get your tickets. It is super easy to find, because you hear the music from the show from meters away hihi.

They only negative thing I have to say about the centre of Ubud, is that it is super touristic. You barely see locals and sometimes it doesn’t feel like you’re in Bali.

2. Tegenungang waterfall

Tegenungang waterfall is actually the first waterfall I have seen, now I think about it. When I saw it, it literally took my breath away. It is such a beautiful thing created by nature and definitely worth a visit. To go see it, you have to pay a small entrance fee that is around 3 euro I believe. You can see the waterfall from a viewing point that is upstairs but you can also walk down and go into the water. Be sure on going down stairs because you have to go up again, climbing more than 300 steps!! It’s prohibited to swim in the water so don’t get your hopes up too high by thinking you could take a dive there.

3. Elephant cave –  Goa Gajah

This temple is also absolutely worth a visit. In the beginning I didn’t know what to expect of it, I just thought that it was a cave that you could visit, but it was actually more than that. It is surrounded by a sort of nature park with beautiful plants, flowers and trees. It is really peaceful there and if you like being surrounded by nature, check it out! In my opinion the elephant cave itself wasn’t that special but the surroundings on the other hand were.

4. Monkey forest

Monkey forest is something you definitely have to visit when in Ubud. We actually didn’t have the time to go there when we were staying in Ubud, so we visited it another time. At the entrance you can buy a bunch of small bananas and you’re ready to go spot some monkeys. There are certain rules to follow, like don’t look the monkeys straight into their eyes, really follow those rules because when monkeys feel threatened  they could get aggressive! If you’re sticking to the rules, the monkeys are sweet and playful! So we got this bunch of bananas and you just have to peel of a bit of skin, hold your hand up and the monkey will come sit on your arm to grab the banana. We had a lot of fun doing this! Definitely go early though, because everyone is giving them bananas and once they’re full they don’t come as easily as they normally would.

5. Tegallalang Rice terrace

In my opinion, this rice terrace is one of the most beautiful ones in Bali! You can hike to the other side of the rice terrace and really explore it. Don’t go when it just rained because it can get very slippery!

6. Pura Tirta Empul temple

This temple is also really beautiful because it has a holy water bath! The locals believe that if you wash yourself in the water, you’re purifying your soul. We unfortunately didn’t go into the water because it was super rainy that day. There is also a really big fish pond where you can get some fish feed and feed them. Oh and if you’re on your way out, you will find this big market with lots of stores that sell souvenirs!

7. Take a yoga class

Ubud is all about unwinding, having a relaxed mind and having a peaceful surrounding. Doing yoga definitely plays a part in that, and if you watched ‘Eat Pray and Love’, you know what I’m talking about! There are lots of yoga places in Ubud where you could join a class or book a private class. We booked a private yoga session at our resort but there are a lot of other options as well. The Yogabarn is supposed to be a really good one in Ubud.

I hoped you liked all these tips on what to do in Ubud! If you have some recommendations for me, then definitely let me know in the comment section below! Oh and don’t forget to watch the Ubud vlog!

Much Love,