Hi you! It’s time for another weekly update and I’m super excited to tell you all about it.

As you know I’m studying and living in Madrid at the moment and the first week I arrived I did a lot of different activities. The place you absolutely have to go to, is to the Retiro park. It’s such a big and beautiful park and there is a lot to see too! In the middle of the park you can find a really big lake which is breathtaking. You can also rent boats there for a fair price. It costs 6 euro and then you can rent the boat for 45 minutes. Besides the big lake, you can also visit the Palacio de Cristal in Retiro. It’s a beautiful crystal palace which is almost entirely made out of glass. Another thing you have to see in Retiro is Plaza Parterre. It’s a beautiful plaza and it has these trees that look like big broccolis hihi. The rose garden is also worth paying a visit, it has beautiful flowers and it is peaceful and quiet there. On another day, Mirte and I rented bikes and biked through the park, it is great for biking and you can see much more of the park.

I also visited Plaza Mayor that week, it’s the most famous plaza in Madrid. Plaza Mayor was built during Philip III’s reign and it’s located right in the city centre. Next to the Plaza, you can find the San Miguel food market! It is originally built in 1916 and still look authentic. The market offers a wide variety of food, from paella to fish and from cheese to all different sorts of beer. It’s a bit overpriced in my opinion, but definitely worth to visit it.

Mirte and I also visited Palacio Real. It is the Royal Palace of Madrid, but nowadays only used for state ceremonies. It is the largest royal palace in Europe and it counts 3,418 rooms!! It is beautiful to walk around there and also really beautiful to watch the sunset from there.

You want to know more about my week? Watch my vlog down below!!

See you next week, much lovee