Good morning you! I hope you are feeling good today and are ready to start this beautiful day. As you might know, well the title of this post already tells you, but I have moved to Madrid. Probably some of you don’t know why and are curious what I’m doing here, so I will explain that shortly.

I’m in my third year of my bachelor, and at the beginning of that year you have some options on what to do in the first semester. You can do a minor at the home university, do an internship at a company of your choice or go on exchange (study abroad). I choose to do the last one, and I decided to go to Madrid. I had never been in Madrid and I was curious about the city. As a kid I always went to the north of Spain with my dad and I have been loving the culture of Spain ever since. I’m in love with the weather, the food and the Spanish music, so Madrid seemed a perfect match for me.

There are a lot of universities in Madrid, I’m going to Carlos III in Getafe (30 mins from the centre of Madrid). First I thought it would be too far away from where I live and that it would be a hassle to leave so early each time going to uni, but I’m actually quite happy with this situation. My schedule is great and my earliest class starts at 11 am I believe. It’s nice having some time to wake up and to read a book in the train. That’s actually a typical Madrid thing, ( reading in the train and metro) I see everyone doing it!!

So at the University here I’m just continuing my studies from home. I was able to choose subjects from the business administration bachelor but I was also allowed to choose subjects from other bachelors, which is super nice. In the first two weeks of my arrival I had Spanish classes and if you’re from RSM Rotterdam you receive credits for taking the course. I really liked the course because the teacher only spoke Spanish, so you actually had to pay attention to understand something hihi. Now that the Spanish course finished, I started with my normal courses. I’m doing Game theory, Consumer behavior, Financial systems and institutions and Law. So far so good and as I said before a great schedule! I have 2 classes on Monday and on Tuesday and 4 on Thursday.

I also have been able to explore the city of Madrid a lot and to see Madrid surroundings. Madrid is such a vibrant and beautiful city and really worth a visit. In further blog posts I will tell you of course a lot more about it, since I’m here for a couple of months and I will become an expert on what to do and where to go to in Madrid. I’m also vlogging here for the ones who want to know. If you’re curious about my first couple of days in Madrid you can watch the first vlog down below. I hoped you liked this post and that you’re a bit updated about my life at the moment. To not miss anything, follow me on my instagram @just_rosanne. See you next time guys!

Much love, R.