Hello you and welcome back on my blog! I’m sitting behind my laptop with a smile on my face, because I’m so happy that I’m writing a new blog post again.  I have been away for some time, due to vacation and the fact that I moved to Madrid so that is the reason that I unfortunately couldn’t find the time to spend om my blog. I love having my blog and I love writing about my adventures, so I cannot wait to start sharing my stories again with you. I have so much to tell you and I will start, by telling you everything about our vacation in Bali.

Week 1

In the first week of our stay in Bali we did lots of different activities. When I’m on vacation I like to do relaxing things, but also sporty and cultural things, and Bali is the perfect Island for that. We stayed in Kuta, a really big city in Bali and it has a lot to offer. The weather is great, it is really close to the beach and there are many things to do around Kuta. A lot of people say that Kuta is too touristic and not fun at all, but we actually loved our stay there! We stayed at Wina Villa Holiday, a really lovely typical Balinese hotel which is only a few minutes away from the beach. Kuta is quite central to places in the south of Bali, so perfect to organize day trips from there.

On our first day we rented a scooter (for like 4 euro a day) and went exploring the surroundings of Kuta. It is super easy to rent a bike or scooter in Bali, they offer it almost anywhere and for cheap prices. In Bali they live from tourism so it’s pretty normal to negotiate prices. They always ask for a higher price than it is worth, so feel free to get the best bargain! Also, if you want to drive in Bali you have to get an international driver license. For dutch people, you can easily get it at ANWB for like 18 euro.

So after we rented our scooter, we drove off to the Tanah lot temple. Jp drove and I was sitting on the back with my phone and google maps hihi. It’s a bit scary to drive in Bali since there is so much traffic and they drive on the left side of the road, so you really have to focus on driving and be as safe as possible. Tanah Lot temple is such a beautiful temple and really worth a visit. It is located in the water and you can only reach the temple when it’s low tide. Bare in mind that you cannot enter the temple because the temple is holy. The area around Tanah lot is great as well, with lots of restaurants and small market stores. There is also an amazing cliff with many restaurants, really nice to have a drink there because the view from up there is great!

On our second day we went to an amazing beach club called Finn’s beach club and definitely one of my favorite beach clubs in Bali. It costs around 3o euro per person and it includes drinks and food for that amount. It has two swimming pools and it is right at the beach. Finn’s beach club is really big and the service there is perfect! Another beach club we went to on our third day is also really amazing, it’s called Sunday’s beach club and it is located in the southernmost tip of Bali. The water there is crystal clear and the sand is white, really a dreamy bounty beach! We thought that this beach club was a bit too expensive and the service wasn’t as great as at other cheaper beach clubs. The view and the location are on the other hand really amazing!

Afterwards we also visited the Uluwatu temple, which is really close by. We especially wanted to go there to see the Kecak fire dance, which is a traditional Balinese dance where they dance and perform without music. To me personally it was de best Balinese dance we have seen, because it was really intimate and the show was playing at sunset which made it really romantic. The Kecak fire dance is one of the culture things you have to see/go to when you’re in Bali, since it is such an amazing experience. A tip if you’re going to watch the show: be there around 4:30 pm to get tickets. It’s always sold out and if you’re there early to get tickets, you will also have the best seating places!

On another day we explored Bali with our tour guide Ayu. Ayu is a dutch speaking tour guide that is from Bali and she knows all the local places you have to visit. If you don’t have much time to do culture stuff or you’re just in Bali for a short period of time and still want to see places, definitely go with a guide. She was really lovely and showed us lots of places in just one single day. A couple of days before the trip, she came to our hotel to discuss everything we wanted to see and what was doable in a day. She then plans out a route, arranges a private driver and we’re ready to go. We literally did six different things in just one single day!! First we went to a gold smith were we could watch jewelry being made by hand, after that we went to our second traditional Balinese dance: the Barong dance. This dance is really different from the Kecak dance, because in this play they actually use music. The play we went to was really amazing and also a recommendation to go see! After that, she took us to a local woodcarver which was also really impressive!

Later we went to a coffee plantation were they have the luwak coffee. A luwak is an animal that eats the coffee beans, poops it out as a whole bean and that bean is then used for making the coffee. The luwak is a really special animal, because they are able to pick the best coffee beans from the plants. That is why the coffee is that good, simply because the luwak picks the best beans. I personally really liked the luwak coffee! After the coffee and tea tasting, we also went to the Ulun Danu Bratan temple and the twin lakes with an amazing view. All these awesome pictures are actually made by our guide Ayu, so if you are looking for a tour guide that makes really good pictures, definitely give her a call hihi.

That was our first week in Bali guys! I hope you liked reading about what we did in Bali and of course I hope you are inspired to explore Bali yourself. In next post I will tell you about other amazing things we did in Bali, so definitely stay tuned for that! I by the way also vlogged in Bali, so definitely don’t forget to check out my vlogs!!

Much Love, R.

Bali vlog #1