Hello there! I’m back with a new weekly update. Sorry that I stopped posting for a while, but I needed some time of to clear my mind, to relax a bit and I needed some new inspiration. But here I am again! This week has been really nice and I hope to tell you all about it!

As some of you might know, I’m leaving Rotterdam because I’m moving abroad for about 4 to 5 months. I’m so super excited for that and I cannot wait to go! I decided to give up my lovely room that I have here in Rotterdam because I’m going away and when I’m coming back (probably end of december) JP and I want to move in together and look for a nice apartment around the centre of Rotterdam. So this week I had to empty out my entire room, and seriously a lot of work hihi. When moving, you suddenly realize how much stuff you have and luckily I’m a person that can easily decide what I want to keep and what not. So that was where I was occupied with last week. I’m happy my room is finally empty and I can leave that all behind and start planning day trips that JP and I want to do in Bali. We’re leaving on Thursday and I cannot wait to go! I already looked for activities to do there, beach clubs we want to go to and good restaurants where we want to eat and there is so much to choose from! I definitely want to do some sporty activities as well as chilling at beach clubs. I’m also really curious about the Balinese culture and the beautiful temples. We already received a lot of tips on where to go and what to do so now I can start planning!

This Saturday we also had a lovely day because JP’s parents visited us. They helped us a bit with the last furniture that had to be moved and after that we went to the centre of Rotterdam. We never took de watertaxi that we have here in Rotterdam, so JP surprised us with a boat ride to the centre! Definitely a must do in Rotterdam, especially with this warm weather. It’s super easy to reserve a watertaxi, you just choose your leaving point and arrival point and the water taxi picks you up at the agreed time. The watertaxi is a sort of speedboat so it goes super fast and really is an experience itself!

When arrived in the centre we did some shopping (mostly clothing shopping) and had an amazing lunch at Café Engels close to Central station. Definitely go for the ‘Eggs Benedict’ or ‘Rotterdams 12 uurtje’, so good! JP works at Robeco since last December so he thought it would be nice to show us the office where he works at everyday, since the office is completely new. It was amazing, definitely wish I worked there hihi. At 6 pm we went out for sushi at Shabu Shabu, sushi is definitely my favorite food! I especially love the crispy chicken and the crispy prawn sushis.

That was already my week guys! To tell you a bit more about upcoming week, today I will start planning things to do for in Bali and it’s Eva her birthday today so we definitely are going to celebrate that with a dinner at Ter Marsch (best burgers in Rotterdam)! Furthermore, I’m will start packing for Bali, cleaning the house a bit and shop the last items we need for our trip. Super excited to go, and I will tell you all about Bali as soon as I’m there. I will also vlog there so definitely don’t forget to check that out, of course I will link it on Instagram as well as on my blog!

See you next time!
Much love, R.