Hello you! It’s Sunday again and time for another weekly update. This is already the tenth weekly update post on my blog, which makes me realize that time is going way too fast! It just feels like a couple of weeks ago that I started my blog. So far, I really like blogging and I get more inspired every week. I have lots of ideas to write about so I’m definitely going to continue blogging for the time being.

This week all my resits started, and I’m finally done with three out of four exams. I’m a person that cannot really tell how exams went ( I’m probably not the only one who can’t), so I will just wait for the results that I will get back in presumably a couple of weeks. I have one resit left next Saturday and I cannot wait for it to be over! I really thought I could easily do all the resits, but I actually overestimated it a bit. Studying for 3 weeks in a row is super tough and mentally exhausting. So a tip for you, make sure you don’t have that many resits hihi. Last year, I just had one exam that I had to study for during summer and it was really fine because I could just focus on a single exam. I noticed that it’s actually really hard to constantly switch between study material, and in the end you just lose your focus and concentration. So if you have a couple of resits, make sure you take breaks and also days off, to relax your mind a bit! Now I still have 5 days left to start studying for my last exam, and because I have all those days to focus on one subject I think it will be easier and less exhausting (like last year).

On Friday JP and I went to a wedding of a good colleague of his and we really enjoyed it. It was such a lovely wedding with a really good vibe. The DJ was super good and we finally had some time together to just dance and enjoy that wonderful day! Today was also a really relaxed day. JP and I decided to just do whatever we wanted today and to really relax, with not having to think about work or study related things. In the morning we biked to the Kralingse plas, the weather today was great (25 degrees celsius), so we brought a garment to sit on and flew our drone above the lake. After that we went for lunch at a place called ‘Sugo’. It’s an Italian restaurant where you can choose different kind of pizza slices. It was of really good quality, fresh and biological! Definitely a recommendation! We sat there for probably two hours and just enjoyed our free time. Afterwards, we biked to the ‘Kop van Zuid’, across the Erasmus bridge and also flew the drone there. We never went to that area and it was super nice there! It was really peaceful at the water, and also a great place to relax at.

At home, we had dinner and some good beers and enjoyed the sunset on our balcony. It was such a relaxed day full of ‘us’ time. It’s really important in a relationship to plan some time off and enjoy being together and do fun things! Lately I started thinking a lot about happiness and what makes me happy. If you think about it, it’s actually a not so easy question, and for everyone different. Especially wrapped up in all those exams, it was super hard to answer for me. But after today I really found my lucky moment of the week and the thing that really makes me happy and for me that is having quality time with the ones I love. I really enjoyed my day, just being with JP and I cannot wait for more summer days like these. What did you do on this lovely Sunday, and what is your lucky moment of last week? Let me know!

Much love, R.